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Ph.D. Civil (Geotechnical) Engineering, Iowa State University, 2002.
M.S.  Civil Engineering, Jordan University of Science and Technology, 1999.
B.S.  Civil Engineering, Jordan University of Science and Technology, 1997.

Muhannad T. Suleiman 

Assistant Professor of Geotechnical Engineering


Research Interests

Dr. Suleiman’s research interests include soil mechanics; advanced sensors and instrumentation; underground structures and pipes; foundation engineering; ground improvement; sustainable geotechnical and foundation systems; and soil-structure interaction. He is currently establishing a soil-structure interaction facility at Lehigh University to expand the research areas currently available through the CEE department. The facility will offer flexibly designed, large-scale soil boxes capable of different test configurations, including advanced sensors that accurately measure soil stresses and soil-structure interaction pressures as well as 3D movement of soils and structures.

Dr. Suleiman’s current research projects include: (1) the soil-structure interaction of laterally loaded deep foundations supporting bridges, building, and other structures; (2) the load and resistance factor design of vertically loaded deep foundations supporting bridges; (3) developing new deep foundation systems using advanced concrete materials; (4) developing a new ground improvement alternative to enhance the performance and design of different structures built on soft and loose soils; (5) developing new wireless sensing technology for subsurface applications; (6) the behavior of new materials focusing on pervious concrete materials; and (7) underground pipes and trenchless technology. Dr. Suleiman is collaborating on these research projects with professors and researchers at Iowa State University, Lafayette College, and Lehigh University. Among Dr. Suleiman’s other collaborators are professors with specialties in structural engineering, construction management, pavement engineering, environmental engineering and computer science. The National Science Foundation funds three of the projects listed above.


Professional Accomplishments and Affiliations

Dr. Suleiman is the developer of a new ground improvement alternative technology.  He has published 25 peer-reviewed journal and conference papers. He is the lead author of papers published by ASCE in the Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, the International Journal of Geomechanics, the Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, and the Journal of Structural Engineering. He is also a co-author of articles published in Earthquake SpectraGeotechnical Testing Journal, the Journal of ASTM International, and ASCE’s Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities.

Dr. Suleiman is a member of the International Association for Bridge Maintenance and Safety; the TRB Committee on Subsurface Soil-Structure Interaction (AFS40), and the ASCE Deep Foundation Committee. He serves as a reviewer for several journals in geotechnical and foundation engineering and has chaired or co-chaired several foundation engineering sessions at geotechnical engineering conferences.